Active Launceston

Active Launceston is a community wide initiative that brings attention to both the mental and physical health benefits of activity. We’re hoping to increase the levels of activity in the community by utilising the many sporting outlets Launceston has to offer – and exploring what assets would be most useful on the way to achieving that. 

With what the world is currently facing, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a distressing impact and has put world-wide progress on hold. Going back to ‘normal’ cannot be the objective. We want more for our town and the villages around Launceston. Now more than ever, any form of activity is a sought-after commodity and the global drive for communities staying both active and connected is one that Active Launceston wishes to prolong. 

In comparison to other towns, Launceston lacks accessible outside space and we recognise that this is a need that should be noticed. By unlocking and connecting the internal green thoroughfares we can form the ‘Lungs of Launceston’ – space for the whole community.

This is a long-term initiative and we won’t stop up until it happens, but our initial focus is on a few strategic sites that desperately need addressing as we emerge from this crisis.

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  1. This is so needed. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do a Park Run in Launceston without having to drive to one. Can you build that in to your plans?

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