Prout’s Corner – Affordable Housing & Community Orchard

This is Prout’s Corner, the home of Launceston CDT’s, and Launceston town’s first affordable, community led housing project.


Launceston CDT’s first ambition is to create sustainable, affordable housing that doesn’t compromise on quality, design or space for Launceston – specifically for families on low income and core links to our community.

The more you read on the more you will realise Prout’s Corner isn’t your average housing project.

Just as important as the quality of the homes, is the quality of the environment the development sits in. By incorporating open public spaces and renewable energy resources for the homes, we are aspiring to create a development that local people and bio-diversity can both thrive in.

With an affordable housing crisis on our doorstep the timing couldn’t be better for us to have finally submitted the planning application for these 28, eco, affordable dwellings within walking distance of Launceston Town Centre.
All we need now is the community’s support to make it a reality for local families on low incomes to own their own home.

As we already know there is significant local need, it is no surprise that the question we get asked the most is “What can I do if I am in need of one of these houses?”

The first thing that needs to happen is for us to be granted planning permission, if we don’t get genuine letters of support, the scheme (and asset for Launceston) will not happen.

We have a step-by-step information sheet on the link below for you to register your support.

Step-by-step infographic

And for those of you who already understand how to show your support click on the link below and work your way through the steps.

Submit a response to our planning application

As well as completing a letter of support, click here to register your interest in being a resident of one of these properties


Alternatively for more detailed and in-depth information on the project, and to see the development designs – AK Architects Ltd have put together a Design and Access Statement as part of the planning application. This is the visioning document for the project and goes into great detail. If you wish to view this please click the button below where you can also give us feedback on the design.




Prout’s Corner will also have a community orchard for the whole town. The landscaping for this is being done by another successful social enterprise, Newquay Community Orchard.

Prouts Corner will not only provide families with a new affordable home in the heart of Launceston but will provide a space for the whole community in the form of an open orchard. LCDT are working with the organisation Urban Biodiversity CIC to provide a safe and tranquil environment for all. As part of the work Urban Biodiversity are doing, we want to reach out to the local groups that may find benefits in being able to connect to nature for health and wellbeing.

Examples of these groups include:

  • Horticultural therapy
  • Wildlife groups
  • Walking groups
  • Mental health support
  • Bereavement support
  • Carers support group
  • Physical and mental wellbeing

We are looking for organisations that are interested in bringing groups to Prout’s Corner Community Green to run group activities in the future.  

If this is something you are interested in hearing more about or you would like to register your organisations interest in being a user of this space please use the links below.


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